Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pitch Presentation of our work

Untitled from Tomas Noad on Vimeo.

Reflection of Work: When performing our pitch, we talked about a number of things, first our story board and the basics of our film, then showed our sample scene as seen earlier. We got some feedback from this, that we will aim to work on, such as making sure that we get the microphone on the camera working to get the full use of the sound, plus the criticisms of not having enough reaction shots, involving the view of our actors face within the scenes, we will take aboard these comments and make our final film better by using these points as an advantage. However, we also had a number of positive comments, saying that they liked a lot of the shots used within the scene, and the general idea of the film, suggesting that even without the dialogue, they could still get an understanding of the film and the meaning behind it. This helped with our planning and basic media skills s we could get further ideas from peers and also share our own ideas with everyone.

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