Saturday, 24 September 2011

Short film analysis: 'About a Girl' Notes

Short film analysis, about a girl notes
Reflection of work: This piece of work is another version of the mind map used before, but this time in note form, taking notes as we watched the film of any thing we deemed important to mention in other work, and felt was relevant to the task ahead. From this piece of work, we saw all the different type of shots, effects and messages that go into a short film. Doing this piece of work was a ,massive help for our development as it helped us see the thought we needed to put in to our shot list. making us become aware that we need to incorporate into our own film. This work was a success because it covered all the conventions and had so many hiden messages so in our own film, we will use this as a guideline to making sure we have all the correct conventions.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Drama: 'About a Girl' shot analysis.

Drama about a girl mind map
Reflection of work: During this lesson, we were viewing a film called 'About a Girl' and looking at the type of shots used. seeing whether this short film used the conventions correctly. One of the main targets of this lesson was see how the director represented the characters and the meaning of the story, we made a mind map of the many meanings and clues of what we could see from the film. From this film, I learnt several ways of portraying certain characters and meanings within a film, whether it meant using specific camera angles or language within the film itself. From this we are aiming to use all the conventions that this short film used, referring back to it as we go to make sure that we are using the conventions correctly. The three main conventions we learnt from this short film was Age, class and gender, we will use these notes to make sure our film shows all of these conventions in the correct way.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Genre and Media Language Essay - "The Insane"

The insane
We also looked at another short film which was the "insane", this is a short horror film which showed the conventions of a different type of genre an gave us a lot of different ideas for when thinking of our own film, we are planning using this film as a reference for conventions as it shows many different ways to frame shots and portray signs. For this essay I got a Grade A, to get the grade A, I made sure I improved and used the skills I achieved from the last essay, making sure I used all the key concepts when necessary, but also making sure that I keep the analysis clear and easy to understand. when doing future essays, I will make sure I use all the skills used in this essay, but then expand on that my making points more detailed and in depth, further securing the A grade level.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Media Language Essay - "Smashed"

Media Language Essay
Reflection on work: Over the first draft and my final draft, I was able to move from a Grade C to a Grade B. I feel that during my essay writing my description and my analysis is very clear but still in depth. But however when reflecting back on my first draft, I had realised that I didn't use key concepts, so when redrafting, I made sure I used all the key concepts necessary such as "Signifies" to make my work better. when doing future essays, I will make sure that I use all key concepts from the beginning, hopefully being able to get as higher grade as possible from the first draft.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"Smashed" Film

This is a short film we were asked to analyse so that we could look at how the film was shot and how the producer framed everything. We wrote an essay about the short film to be able to understand the different technical things used with in the film. The essay allowed us to look in the film in more depth and see how the director portrays his message to his target audience. As well as this we also looked at the technical codes and hidden meanings behind them. In terms of our own film, looking at these films will help us have an understanding of the type of shots that we will be using, and not just shots, but the type of sound both diegetic and non diegetic sound. From looking at smashed, I learnt a lot from the poster and the opening scene, learning how to show messages through objects in the film, such as the "egg getting smashed" in my film i will try to incorporate messages such as that in to my own project.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Beginning of A2 Media

This is my FIRST lesson as a year 13 media student and as i enjoyed AS, i am looking forward to a successful year and my projects that lay ahead. During AS i looked into many new ways to develop my thinking in order to produce my project (website). This year i will be working with new people to create another Project (a short film) with the aim to pass media with a high grade with my developmental and creative thinking being improved and pushed to a new level.

Like i says above, this year i will be producing a short film within the space of a 5 minute time period. during this year i will look to show all of my developmental and creative skills from planning the production to filming. I will explain my working progress throughout using this blog.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Welcome Tom!

Congratulations on your place on the A2 Media course. I look forward to working with you this year and supporting you in achieving your goals.
Mrs Ward

Grouping up

This is me and my partner Lucien Abou -Zied, we will be completing this project as a pair, making the decisions together separating the work equally ti make sure we both get the best grade possible for the project.