Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Note To Moderator

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog.

On this blog you will find all my finished work from my Ancillary and my main projects at the top, with all the research and planning underneath.

All the research carried out was all individually done and is all talked about in my final evaluation which you will find at the very top of my blog with feedback.

All of my posts are in chronological order throughout going from my research to planning and then my ancillary task to my main task.

I hope you enjoy going through my blog and that the posts all show my development and enjoyment of the project.

Tomas Noad. Candidate Number. 2384

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Short Films ans the ECU Film Festival

Most people who make a short film may produce it for many of reasons: many use it as a starting point to get a team together and get experience under their belt for future plans, seeing if they can cope and enjoy making film. Linked with the experience, many join a team and form partnerships to get the full experience of what its like making a short film.

Alot of people making short films produce it bcuase they want to pursue a career in filmmaking or in the film industry so they use the film as a way to show off their skills in film making. A lot of amateur film makers will use short films as a way to test out their own ideas and also to create a higher profile of them selves, making themselves more known in the filmmaking world. SHowing their films at things like film festivals.

We went to Paris on the 30th of March 2012 to watch the European film festival. Over the weekend we watched a variety of film including animations, features, shorts, music videos and documentaries. This gave us the experience of lots of different style films and inspired to when making our own. One film in particular that stood out for me was "The Forest is Red" a feature film making is debut on the screen, was an emotional well shot film about a schizophrenic called Nathan.

Distribution in the film industry is when an individual or an organisation represents your film, trying to get it shown at film festivals and then selling it on to be able to shown in TV, or other media networks. A distributer is an individual at film festivals that chooses the films that will be shown. this is an example of exhibition and distribution, the distributor will watch the films and then choose his favourites and exhibit them at a festival for audiences the view. We saw an example of this at the European Film Festival, the main spokesman at the front, was the distributor, he talked about all the films and why he had chose them and discussed the films in terms of their conventions and the future plans of them, hoping that the film festival would be a starting point for them.