Friday, 23 September 2011

Drama: 'About a Girl' shot analysis.

Drama about a girl mind map
Reflection of work: During this lesson, we were viewing a film called 'About a Girl' and looking at the type of shots used. seeing whether this short film used the conventions correctly. One of the main targets of this lesson was see how the director represented the characters and the meaning of the story, we made a mind map of the many meanings and clues of what we could see from the film. From this film, I learnt several ways of portraying certain characters and meanings within a film, whether it meant using specific camera angles or language within the film itself. From this we are aiming to use all the conventions that this short film used, referring back to it as we go to make sure that we are using the conventions correctly. The three main conventions we learnt from this short film was Age, class and gender, we will use these notes to make sure our film shows all of these conventions in the correct way.

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