Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"Smashed" Film

This is a short film we were asked to analyse so that we could look at how the film was shot and how the producer framed everything. We wrote an essay about the short film to be able to understand the different technical things used with in the film. The essay allowed us to look in the film in more depth and see how the director portrays his message to his target audience. As well as this we also looked at the technical codes and hidden meanings behind them. In terms of our own film, looking at these films will help us have an understanding of the type of shots that we will be using, and not just shots, but the type of sound both diegetic and non diegetic sound. From looking at smashed, I learnt a lot from the poster and the opening scene, learning how to show messages through objects in the film, such as the "egg getting smashed" in my film i will try to incorporate messages such as that in to my own project.

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