Thursday, 13 October 2011

Digital 10 shot Story board of our film

Story board for our short film
Reflection of work: This is our first draft of our 10 shot story board, in this we looked at all the possible shots we were thinking of taking for our film, showing the audience the type of shots and conventions we would be using and describing these shots in detail to give readers and full understanding of the film. We got some feedback from this, suggesting that some of our shots didn't show exactly what we were intending too, and we will capitalize on this by making sure that in out final film we will use clearer shots and descriptions to portray our meaning. we also got some positive feedback, saying the shots used were very good, and that they were looking forward to seeing the final film, as they felt we presented our film in a way that would appeal for all.
This piece of work is similar to our Proposal as it holds a lot of the information we will need for our final filming, setting guidelines for what the film should have and shouldn't have in it. But we wont just use this, we will also use the feedback that we got from the class, using their ideas in our film as well as our own.

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