Tuesday, 11 October 2011

10 still image analysis on "The Hustler"

10 still image analysis
Reflection of work: For this task, we were all asked to find a film of our choice, similar to our own ideas of a film and analyse 10 still shots. I used the film 'The Hustler', I chose this film as I felt it complemented my own ideas in what I wanted in my own film. During this task, I looked at specific conventions such as camera angles, setting, characters, lighting and some others, looking at how these films used them and how they used them to signify a meaning in the scene (E.G. Using lighting to suggest an importance of one character). From this we gained the knowledge to go and shoot our own scene a use the conventions to portray a meaning for the audience. This helped in our own development as it gave us ideas for what to do in our film and this is the film that inspired us to chose the genre that we did.

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