Monday, 10 October 2011


Reflection of Work: With our proposal we did half each. The overall view of our proposal is to give the audience a clear first draft of our film, explaining everything character to setting, style costumes and a rough draft of the story its self. This is an important piece of work as it lets readers grasp the overall idea and meaning of the film. When doing this, I made sure I mentioned everything, making sure that the film was described as thorough as possible, making it easy to understand and also easy for us to understand so we can comeback later on in filming to help us. This piece of work is also very important in a development stages of our project as it will keep us on track and has a list of all the props and other things we will need in our film. we will use this as a guideline in every thing we do throughout the film as it has every piece of information on it from all our planning process and it the final version of a planning film.

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