Thursday, 8 December 2011

Feedback for Final Film

We have received some professional feedback for our film from one of the other media teachers, he has expressed that he likes the idea of our film and likes that we have chosen and followed a certain style of film (film Noir) that not a lot of others did. He commented on our editing and felt that the black and white style that we chose was very effective to to time era we were aiming for with the music linking it as well to the time era.

When discussing what we could do better next time for improvement, he explained that some of our camera shots and edits could of been improved, for example, we cut out certain body parts (cutting out someone's head) and the shot wasn't in the right angle and we lost some of the meaning, to improve this, we will have a look at our film and maybe cut the scene down before the camera error or re-film those specific sections of the film. Another weakness mentioned was that he felt that we rushed the story and should try and slow it down to build tension and not rush through the story, for example, when the hustler realizes he can play snooker and plays well all happened too quickly, he suggested that we should slow that down with a different choice of shots or story to get the full effect of the story and build the tension up as much as possible.

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